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Glamour II

You offer 2 different varnishes, Timeless and Glamour II...which is best for me? 

How can I apply Glamour II?

Glamour II Veneer giclee coating can be rolled on with a dense foam roller, sprayed on with an HVLP gun (50% dilution), or used with a roll coating machine (50% dilution).  When rolling Glamour II Veneer you are going to want to dilute it down 25%-30% with warm distilled water.  You can apply the glamour directly to the print, and then immediately start to roll the Glamour II onto the canvas.  Do not apply pressure to the roller, and make multiple passes in opposite directions.  A good way to know if you are almost done rolling, is to listen for the "sticky" sound of the Glamour II.  This means that the coating has been worked into the canvas and is starting to dry.  The more time you spend working the Glamour II into the canvas, the faster it will dry and the better your print will look.  Please allow at least a full 24 hours for your print to dry.

Flakes or chunks in your varnish?  Here's how to remove them without having to throw away the container 

I'm getting air bubbles while coating canvas with Glamour II. What am I doing wrong? 

Air bubbles can be caused by a variety of things.  Breathing Color has tested every single possible variable to the foam rolling process of coating. Most of the time bubbles in the print are caused by "under rolling."  You want to cover your print by going in multiple directions, not just one. The canvas has to "drink" the coating in.  If you see bubbles at the start of your coating process, it is the canvas sucking the coating into the print. The desired dilution ratio of water to coating is 30% water 70% coating.  There has been cases of bubbles forming from over diluted coating. Please allow the canvas 24 hours of dry time as well. After 24 hours when you come back to your print, you will notice that the bubbles have disappeared.

How Do I Stop Glamour II Veneer From Streaking?

If you still have streaks, there are a few things you need to focus on: 

(1) How much are you diluting with water? Try adding more water (at least 40%). 
(2) Before adding the water to the coating, heat it in the microwave for about 8 to 10 seconds depending on how much water you are adding. The water should be above luke warm but not boiling. The heated water will help in mixing with Glamour II Veneer. 
(3) When stirring the heated water and Glamour II Veneer together, stir lightly and slowly. If you try to mix them together too fast or too aggressively, it can create air bubbles that are difficult to get out of the coating once it is applied to the print. Once dried, these air bubbles are even more visible and can ruin your print. 
(4) When you are first applying Glamour II Veneer to your inkjet canvas or fine art paper, be very generous with the application. Some of our customers even find success in pouring the coating directly onto the print in even lines across the whole print. Once this is done, the foam roller is then just used to spread the Glamour II Veneer around evenly. 
(5) If you decide to apply Glamour II Veneer without pouring it straight onto the inkjet canvas or fine art paper and instead apply it with the foam roller directly, make sure to stay away from any bumpy parts of the tray with the foam roller. When you are moving the roller around in the tray to saturate it with Glamour II Veneer, the bumps can cause indentations in the foam which will transfer over to your prints and ultimately leave some service uncovered. 
(6) Try to go over the print with the foam roller the least amount of times possible. We have found that the more times you run your foam roller over the Glamour II Veneer, the more coating you are actually taking off of the print. If you still see lines in the coating, wait until it dries to see if they go away. If you have been generous enough with the coating, the levelling agents in the Glamour II Veneer will cause the streaks to go away as it is drying.
(7) Apply the least amount of pressure possible when going over your inkjet canvas or fine art paper with the Glamour II Veneer. Pressure will cause indentations in the coating which will cause streaks once it has dried. 

How long do I need to wait before varnishing a print?  What about stretching?

I am experiencing canvas cracking after coating a roll of canvas with Glamour II. Are there any solutions?

Almost every problem that can occur with Glamour II, can be solved by using more of it. If you are experiencing cracking, chances are you did not use enough of it. Therefore, make sure when spraying your prints, that you always use 2 heavy coats. Though Glamour II is temperature sensitive and is mildly susceptible to environmental conditions, your prints should never crack if you have applied enough Glamour II.  When applying Glamour II with a foam roller, you still should be able to get away with one coat, but make sure you apply the Glamour II generously.

Ink is coming up on my roller when I coat. What do I do?

Can I Store Glamour II Veneer After I Dilute It?

We do not recommend storing Glamour II Veneer after it has been diluted. Only dilute as much as you will need when you are coating. Storing Glamour II Veneer after diluting can cause it to separate and harden.

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